This place is awesome! I’m not from the area had to have inspection. Stopped and found an awesome place. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It was so refreshing to see that customer service is not dead. I give this place 100 stars if I could. Dependable, reliable and fair what else could you ask for?!
::: Maddy B

We would like to express our profound gratitude for the tremendous kindness Bob @ Blitz demonstrated on our behalf. Stranded far away from home he was a lifesaver to us! literally going out of his way to assist us above and beyond the call of duty. We will never forget his multiple extraordinary good deeds; Lending his car to us; Booking our hotel reservations; Driving us to Philadelphia airport (close to an hour drive), and being there for us total strangers, but fellow human beings in time of our need. May God repay you from his bountiful blessings with good health, prosperity and success. May you continue to make our world the nice place He intended it to be. With sincere appreciation…
::: The Nitzlich Family, Spring Valley, NY.

Bob is awesome! he went out of his way to help me get my auto inspected and on the road. As I have a busy pet-sitting business and have to maintain 3 auto`s,he is there for me all the time. Thank you,Bob!
::: Terry Kendall Terry Lynn`s Critter`s Pet Sitting/Boarding

Brian and Bob can handle just about anything you bring to them. They have experience from classic cars to today’s modern versions to performance add-ons. Highly Recommended.
::: Paul S

Always fantastic service, fair prices, honest advice, and good people. No flashy gimmicks or sales pitches. I live in Berks County, but will continue to go to Blitz because they’re the only ones I trust to take care of me and my car. Truly the best. (With a friendly, furry, four-legged greeter, too!)
::: Johanna G